Salmo Skinner Shines as Deadly Twitch Bait

Salmo Skinner Shines as Deadly Twitch Bait

Minneapolis, MN: It is a special day in the world of bass fishing when a new generation of crankbait is designed to re-define the word twitch bait. This amazing new lure is called the Salmo Skinner and is not made of cheap plastic or balsa wood, but of a space-age foam that gives it everything a competitive bass angler would ever want in a lure. It is compact, casts a mile and in the water delivers an action that is like no other surface twitch bait a bass has ever seen.

The secret to the design starts with the space-age foam material that allows the bait to ride deep in the water for perfect balance. Standing still, the nose of the bait sticks out of the water, but with a snap of the rod tip, the nose slaps the surface and the tail quickly rises as the body quickly flashes then goes back to rest. This head drop and tail slap imitates a dieing shad so perfectly, the seagulls are even fooled! The uniqueness of the Skinner does not end here. This lure has flat sides, which has been proven to be far superior at calling fish to the surface then traditional round bodied, stick baits. The totally unique action of the flat-sided Skinner kicks, flashes and bobs on the surface to drive bass crazy.

FLW Pro Jim Moynagh proved to the world the Skinner can do the job by taking 6th pace recently on Lake Norman using the Skinner. Skinners are made by the Salmo Lure Company of Poland and are the only crankbaits in the world that offer a LIFETIME PERFORMANCE GUARENTEE on every lure they make. For 2008 the Salmo Skinner will be available in six colors starting in February. Salmo suggests you get your orders in early because they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

In BIG contrast to mass produced lures made in China, it takes five months to build a Skinner. Supplies will be limited, so dont miss out! Distribution of Salmo lures is currently limited to a few major retail outlets and specialty fishing stores. You can contact Salmo-USA to get a complete product brochure by writing; Salmo-USA, 6667 West Old Shakopee Rd. Suite 101, Minneapolis, MN 55438 or call 952-224-3649. You can also visit their web site at to see the entire line of Salmo products available in the United States.

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