Salmo Performance Guarantee

Salmo Performance Guarantee

Salmo Performance Gaurantee

Salmo-USA is very proud to make available for the first time in the history of fishing lures, a Performance Guarantee on all Salmo-USA lures. If for any reason your Salmo breaks, fails to run true or falls apart, (except if you wear out the hooks of course) Salmo-USA will replace the lure free of charge!

This is how confident we are in the performance and durability of Salmo products. We do need to mention that only Salmo-USA will honor Salmo lures that are purchased in the USA and shipped in the USA. You will need to ship the damaged or broken lure to us, but Salmo covers everything from there. So buy Salmo Performance Fishing Lures with confidence, we back our performance with more than just words..

How to Get Your Lure Replaced

  1. Step One: Write a short note about the problem you are having with the lure. Please include your return address on the note.
  2. Step Two: Package your lure to be returned and the note carefully. Make sure the hooks will not come through the packaging and that our staff will not have any unpleasant surprises.
  3. Step Three: Send us the lure that you would like replaced. Our address info is on the contact page. Please allow 14 days to process your exchange.

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