Salmo Hornet… On the Rocks!!!

Salmo Hornet… On the Rocks!!!

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Salmo Hornet... On the Rocks!!!

Salmo Pro, Doug Hanson writes...

Doug HansonOn a recent fishing outing to one of my favorite smallmouth lakes I learned a few tricks about catching quality smallies. I started my day looking at shallow rocks and soon spotted some quality fish swimming around. My first choice of baits was a number five Salmo hornet and what a great choice it was. The secret to provoking a strike from these brown beauties was to make sure that the lure was banging the rocks, when the hornet would glance off a rock is when I would get hit.

As the day got later and the sun got higher I had to switch my technique, I would cast my hornet to the shallow rocks and just let it sit there until all the rings around the bait disappeared. Every time I did this the fish would just come up and suck the bait in right off the surface.

I personally like a 7 foot spinning rod with a softer tip to get "good whip" so I can get a long cast. This is especially important when fishing clear shallow water so the fish don't get spooked and head for deep water before you have a chance at them. Fluorocarbon line has become a favorite of mine simply for the abrasion resistance, and when fishing rocks that is very important.

The toughness of the hornet is far more superior than any other crankbait I have ever used. After all the rocks I banged this lure off of the finish still looks as good as it did the first cast.

More about the Salmo Hornet

HornetThis little crankbait is totally revolutionary. Made from high density foam, not flimsy balsa wood or hollow plastic, the Hornet has become simply a "must have" lure in some regions of the country. In fact, during the 2006 season, demand was so high, Salmo-USA began rationing their supply so everyone got a taste of the Salmo Hornet craze.The Hornet's rod shaking action triggers fish like walleye, crappie, bass and trout.

Ideal for trolling and casting with great success. By far, the Salmo Hornet is the best multi-species fish catcher you'll ever own. This is the number one selling lure in Europe, and it will soon be number one in America too. Available in four sizes in the USA, the #3 Hornet is deadly on trout and panfish, the #4 has accounted for some fantastic walleye and bass numbers, and some say the #5 Hornet is the perfect size for almost any type of fishing. Many feel it is the hardest working crankbait ever designed. One thing is for sure, it does catch fish. The largest member of the Hornet Family is the Hornet #6. Some feel it is the ultimate bass fishing crankbait. Many anglers who have fished it know it to be of superior design and performance in the water.

The signature rod shaking action of all Hornets simply drives bass crazy. The best thing you can say about the Hornet #6 is that is talks to the angler as much as it talks to the bass. Ideal for casting long distances, it telegraphs every weed, rock or log you run into. Big walleyes love the Hornet too, as it has secretly become the top choice with many tournament anglers. Anglers will be amazed with the flexibility of fishing a Hornet. Some fishing situations call for a small bait that runs deep and it is easy to fish a #5 or #6 Hornet in 25 feet of water. The smaller profile triggers more fish and is becoming the hottest new technique on the bass and walleye trails.

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