Salmo Hornet 6.5 Sets a New Bar for Bass Anglers

Salmo Hornet 6.5 Sets a New Bar for Bass Anglers

salmo-hornet-cutawayMinneapolis, MN;  Salmo lures of Poland is proud to announce another amazing crankbait to bare the Hornet name.  The Salmo Hornet has been ranked by many as one of the best walleye crankbaits of all time… but due to its smaller profile, the lure failed to gain the attention of the bass angler… Well this is about the change in a VERY big way with the introduction of the feature packed Hornet 6.5.

Developed and manufactured in Poland by master lure designer Peter Piskorski of Salmo.  Peter is considered one of the top anglers in Europe and even travels to the USA to participate in bass fishing tournaments.  For Years Peter has been trying to strike the right balance between size, action and castability.  He feels the new Hornet 6.5 will quickly gain traction with bass anglers and become the King of the bass crankbaits, just like the smaller versions have done in the walleye world.

“think if it as the perfect crankbait design that does everything a bass anglers asks it to do,” stated Piskorski. “You won’t find a harder working lure, one that casts as far, or dives as steeply as the Hornet 6.5. From the ground up, the lure was built to be a crankbait on steroids… Using our Salmo Long cast technology for longer casts and less lure tumbling, TWO super loud rattle chambers, ABS body with a near indestructible   polycarbonate lip that can be fished equally well in rocks or logs and rigged with the best KVD Triple grip hooks, oval split rings and 3-D eyes on the market today. The amazing color patterns were created by the REEL MEN Special Forces Fishing Team.  I am extremely proud of this new Hornet and while it might seem from the outside like just another crank, this is indeed a lure that will change what many bass anglers will be expecting from a crankbait in the future.


The Hornet 6.5 is set to be released “on line” starting February 1, 2016 and the suggested retail is $12.99. To learn more about the new King of crankbaits, the Salmo Hornet 6.5, be sure to check out

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