Polish Lure Makers Target U.S. Anglers

Polish Lure Makers Target U.S. Anglers

Minneapolis, MN: For anglers here in the United States, the legendary reputation of Salmo Lures of Poland is a non-factor to the world's largest crankbait market, but this is about to change. Salmo, Performance Fishing Lures has recently announced distribution into the U.S. market with a company in Minneapolis called AWC Distributing. AWC Distributing has been in the outdoor industry for well over 40 years with other products for the fisherman. Consumers will know AWC Distributing as Salmo-USA, and offer a web site for the Salmo products that are available in the United States at http://www.salmofishing.com.

We at Salmo work very hard to build the best baits in the world. Stated Peter Piskorski, Co-Owner of Salmo and head lure designer. For 15 years we have grown to have Distributors in 37 countries and do so by making the highest quality baits possible. We might be a little too demanding on our workers, but they know our mission, to make every lure the very best. I firmly believe the European fishing market is the most demanding in the world. Lures that are mass produced in China just don't have much acceptance with serious fishermen here. Salmo Performance Fishing Lures offer one of the largest selections of hard bodied baits in the world. With over 800 models to choose from, Salmo fans can catch anything from bluegill to bluefish.

The unique foam body construction that is found in 90% of Salmo lures is a closely guarded secret that enables Salmo to produce consistent performance with every lure. Each crankbait goes through over a dozen inspections prior to being tank tested to guarantee the bait will run true right out of the box. Some of the popular muskie and pike lures can take up to three months to make and Salmo doesn't plan on cutting corners any time soon. Serious fishermen who use crankbaits will quickly realize these lures are special, Commented Tom Zenanko from SalmoUSA. We don't plan on a million dollar ad budget to introduce Salmo to America.

We will rely on anglers to spread the word about Salmo in their own words. When Salmo says they can catch anything from bluegill to bluefish, they mean it. Every lure that Salmo builds is the very best I have ever seen in over 25 years in the business. They don't make just one hot style of crankbait, they have perfected over twenty models of lures that simply exceed anything out there in the U.S. market today.

We feel very fortunate to be with Salmo, every aspect of how they run their business is first class. It will only be a matter of time before anglers in the United States realize there is another big player in the crankbait market when Salmo cranks start catching fish. All Salmo lures are backed with a Lifetime Performance Guarantee which simply states that if for any reason your Salmo fails to run right or breaks, send it back to Salmo for a free replacement. Salmo is the ONLY lure company in the world that offers this guarantee! Distribution of Salmo lures is currently limited to a few major retail outlets and specialty fishing stores. You can contact Salmo-USA to get a complete product brochure by writing; Salmo-USA, 6667 West Old Shakopee Rd. Suite 101, Minneapolis, MN 55438 or call 952-224-3649. You can also visit their web site at http://www.salmofishing.com to see the entire line of Salmo products available in the United States.

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