Fishing Lure with a Lifetime Guarantee

Fishing Lure with a Lifetime Guarantee

Minneapolis, MN; Salmo-USA, Distributors for Salmo Lures, one of the world's most extensive line of quality hard body crankbaits, has announced they are offering a Lifetime Performance Guarantee for EVERY model of Salmo lure they sell. This establishes a completely new standard in the fishing lure market that has never been rivaled in today's mass produced, high volume world of cheap, off-shore crankbaits. Salmo Lures are designed and built in Poland. Although relative newcomers into the U.S. market, Salmo Poland is a 15 year old company and is the #2 lure company in Europe and is currently available in 37 other countries.

The Salmo USA Distributor, AWC Distributing of Minneapolis offers over 700 SKU's of a possible 950 SKU's produced by Salmo Poland. Anglers who follow the muskie world will find that Salmo offers the largest selection of hard body muskie and pike baits in the world. Walleye and bass anglers are discovering the effectiveness of other Salmo baits that have even outsold Rapala in some markets. Many compare Salmo-USA to the early days of Rapala, stated Tom Zenanko of Salmo-USA. I know this is a huge complement, but times have changed. There are literally thousands of crankbaits on the market today, so you need to work much harder to get space on the retail shelf. This will take time for sure, but every Salmo lure is hand crafted and tuned to run perfect out of the box every time.

We were so impressed with the quality and performance of these lures, we can offer the first ever Lifetime Performance Guarantee for the U.S. Market that simply states that if for any reason your lure fails to run true, or breaks, except for wearing out the hooks of course, and we will replace the lure free of charge. We are the first lure company to offer such a comprehensive guarantee, and in this way, we hope to get anglers to try one of our crankbaits. On average, they cost about 20% more than your average crankbait.

There is no doubt that Salmo has raised the bar for performance and durability for the crankbait market. If you would like to learn more about Salmo lures and their Performance Guarantee you can visit their web site at or you can call 952-224-3549 to get a free product brochure.

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