Fishing Lure Company Offers Lifetime Guarantee

Fishing Lure Company Offers Lifetime Guarantee

Minneapolis, MN: Poland might not be the first place you think of when you are looking for the best fishing lures in the world, but it is! Not all crankbaits are created equal, stated Tom Zenanko, Salmo-USA marketing director. When I first saw the line the Salmo lures and their vast selection of over 900 models I said wow, where have I been all these years? On the outside, Salmo lures might look similar to some other lures, a Salmo Minnow looks like many other minnow baits, and the Salmo Hornet looks like a classic bass style crankbait here in the United States.

What I found was that each of these lures have actions that are totally unique and in my opinion superior to anything on the market. It all starts with the fact that Salmo does not use balsawood in the construction of any of their lures. They have decided to go with a high density foam body that delivers superior durability over balsa plus better in water performance.. Many anglers commonly say they have to buy four or five balsa baits to find one that works right.

With Salmo, their unique foam body construction and 15 levels of step by step quality control, almost guarantee every lure performs exactly like the last one. We never shy away from going the extra mile on the production side said Rado Zaworski co-owner of Salmo and the man in charge of production. It takes us up to three months to make some of our baits. This might seem unthinkable in today's way of thinking, or worse, get cheap lures made in China. Salmo lures were engineered to be exceptional lures for a fair price. Our success in over 35 countries world-wide has proven anglers are looking for the kind of performance, finish, action and durability every Salmo lure delivers.

The pride and tradition of Salmo is well known in Europe. As they expand into the United States, anglers might be surprised to know that Salmo is one of the few companies in the world that still tank tests every lure for the correct action and balance before it boxed. Salmo Lures can be used for catching everything from bluefish to bluegill. All Salmo lures sold in the USA are backed with a Lifetime Performance Guarantee which simply states that if for any reason your Salmo fails to run right or breaks, send it back to Salmo-USA for a free replacement.

Salmo is the ONLY lure company in the world that offers this guarantee. Distribution of Salmo lures is currently limited to a few major retail outlets and specialty fishing stores. You can contact Salmo-USA to get a complete product brochure by writing; Salmo-USA, 6667 West Old Shakopee Rd. Suite 101, Minneapolis, MN 55438 or call 952-224-3649. You can also visit their web site at to see the entire line of Salmo products available in the United States.

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