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Salmo Performance Fishing Lures

The Salmo Bass Bug

This bizarre looking lure is sure to get a few chuckles from anglers, but when you start fishing with it, you can see this is an extremely well designed lure that actually fits the bill for what many anglers are looking for in a “wake bait” style of crankbait. More

The Salmo Bullhead

Salmo Bullhead

You would think everyone would have a Bullhead or Goby imitation, but they dont! Too bad, because Salmo knows that fish just love to eat them. Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye and trout eagerly grab the Salmo Bullhead. The unique, flat head design and shape gives the Bullhead a great wobble action for such a small profile bait. Available in floating and sinking models as well as Super Deep Runners. More

The Salmo Chubby Darter

Salmo Chubby Darter

The unique action of the Chubby Darter is primarily used for vertical fishing. Trout, perch, crappie, walleye and pike all fall for the Chubby Darter. More and more anglers are using the Chubby Darter in open water because it can be fished like any lipless crankbait, but sinks much slower, so you can fish it above cover much easier with the same quivering action. More

The Salmo Executor

Salmo Executor

The Salmo Executor has written the final chapter in shad style crankbait profiles. This lures features Salmos high density foam body and thru-wire construction. The action is not like any other shad body lure on the market today More

The Salmo Fatso

Salmo Fatso

Here is our #1 selling muskie lure for Salmo-USA. We stopped counting the number of 30 pound plus muskie caught on this bait in a single year. You can troll a Fatso super fast, or cast it out and fish it super slow. More

The Salmo Freediver

Introducing the Salmo Freediver, a new generation of super deep diving minnow lures built to exceed all angler expectations for performance, durability and fishability. Using 3D modeling and printing technology and the craftsmanship of master lure designer Peter Piskorski. More

The Salmo Frisky

Salmo Frisky

The hyperactive action of the tail makes it irresistible to walleye and bass. Out of the water, its unique balance makes the Frisky a jointed lure you can cast without having it hook itself while in the air. Whether casting or trolling, the Frisky #5 will quickly become one of your favorites. More

The Salmo Giant Chubby Darter

Giant Chubby Darter

Amazing … This is what most people say when they see the Giant Chubby Darter in action. This massive version of the Classic Salmo Chubby Darter is designed to be used in many applications to catch pike, muskie, stripper, blue fish and dozens of other big predatory fish. You can troll it, cast it or jig it directly below your boat. More

The Salmo Hornet

Salmo Hornet

Ideal for trolling and casting with great success. By far, the Salmo Hornet is the best multi-species fish catcher youll ever own. This is the number one selling lure in Europe, and it will soon be number one in America too. Available in four sizes in the USA, the #3 Hornet is deadly on trout and panfish, the #4 has accounted for some fantastic walleye and bass numbers, and some say the #5 Hornet is the perfect size for almost any type of fishing. More

The Salmo Jack

Salmo Jack

This effective Salmo lure is ideal for those neutral to negative fish.The Salmo Jack offers a slim body shape that delivers great hook-ups. The durable finish and solid body design will last for years of trophy fishing. More

The Salmo Maas Marauder

Salmo Maas Marauder

Correct balance of the bait lets it ride high enough to walk easily, but at the same time float low enough in the water to make it easy for those big toothy critters to grab. Years of experience in lure design have gone into the making of the Maas Marauder. There is little doubt Salmo has raised the bar for top-water pike and muskie baits. More

The Salmo Minnow

Salmo Minnow

Every Salmo is individually hand tuned to work right out of the package! The #7 SDR Minnow is ideal for getting down deep to those monster walleyes and bass love them too! You can cast or troll this bait with equal success. More

The Salmo Perch

Salmo Perch

Ideal for casting with their body style and solid bait design, but trollers often find this bait has no equal for performance. One of Salmos top sellers world-wide, the Perch is available in the 8 and the 12. The 8 has three different bills that make the Perch reach different depths. If you are casting along a shallow shoreline, the 8F is perfect.

The Salmo Pike

Salmo Pike

The name says it all. These solid body and jointed Salmo lures are so realistic many anglers keep them for souvenirs, but dont let their good looks fool you. Big pike, muskie and almost anything with teeth love to eat baby pike! The action is a wide wobble on the big baits and a tight wiggle on smaller jointed models. If ever there was a line of baits that catches fish as good as they look, the Salmo Pike series is it! More

The Salmo Rattlin Hornet

The Salmo Hornet has been ranked by many as one of the best walleye crankbaits of all time, but due to its smaller pro le, the lure didn’t gain the attention of the bass angler. Well this is about to change in a very big way with the introduction of the feature packed Hornet 6.5. More

The Salmo Skinner

Salmo Skinner

The lure so closely resembles a real baitfish that seagulls are easily fooled, so fish with care. Deadly as a trolling lure, the wide sweeping action of the Skinner really gets the attention of big fish. The tough, solid body design holds up well to the teeth and abuse of catching several big fish. The great action, great looks and durable construction make the Salmo Skinner one of the best big fish baits you could use this season. More

The Salmo Slider

Salmo Slider

If you were to ask what is the hot new lure for pike and muskie fishing it would have to be the Slider. This is a new generation of sub-surface walking baits. With a gentle downward pull of your rod, the Slider bolts to life with a sudden flash and glides almost 90 degrees from the angler. Another pull results in a sudden change in the opposite direction that is simply irresistible to pike, bass and muskie. More

The Salmo Swimming Fatso

Salmo Swimming Fatso

What would happen if you took a great bait design and added a lip to the front to make is swim like no other giant crankbait on the market? Why youd be getting a strike on a Swimming Fatso, thats what! The
Swimming Fatso has an action thats Salmo swimming Fatso available Colors simply impossible to describe correctly. More

The Salmo Turbo Jack

Salmo Turbo Jack

The super tough, high density foam body will last for years. The finish on a Salmo lure is designed to withstand the punishment of biggest teeth you can find. The Salmo Turbo Jack is a perfect example of how a superior design with superior materials can make a superior fishing lure. More

The Salmo Warrior Crank

Salmo Warrior Crank

At slow speeds the Warrior Crank is easy to pull and you can cast it all day long. The unique side to side wobble of the Warrior Crank makes it capable of high speed performance while trolling without blowing out. This shallow running, large profile crankbait knows what it takes to appeal to fish and put them in the boat. Tie one on and you will not be disappointed. More

The Salmo Whitefish

Salmo Whitefish

Its a fact. Minnow shaped baits catch fish, and the Salmo Whitefish might catch all the fish! At least that is what many anglers who fish with them think. Cast or troll for monster walleye, pike, bass, muskie, striper, snapper or bluefish. More

The Salmo Zipper

Salmo Zipper

Again Salmo has shocked the world with the Zipper. This creative design for a lipless crankbait delivers more vibration, a louder rattle and better overall fish ability than anything else in its class. The Zipper will simply trigger more fish … More

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