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Inventory Reduction Sale

Salmo Perfomance Fishing LuresWe're blowing out our Salmo Lure inventory for 2016. Save 20% to 50% on ALL Salmo Lures! Shipping is just $10 Flat per Order, and FREE on orders of $100 or more. NO COUPON REQUIRED!

Many of the hottest colors will be selling out fast, so don't wait and order a few of your favorite lures before they are gone.

NEW Salmo Bass Bug

salmo-bassbug-cutawayThis bizarre looking lure is sure to get a few chuckles from anglers, but when you start fishing with it, you can see this is an extremely well designed lure that actually fits the bill for what many anglers are looking for in a “wake bait” style of crankbait.

The NEW Salmo Freediver

salmo-freediver-cutawayA new generation of super deep diving minnow lures built to exceed all angler expectations for performance, durability and fishability. The Freediver will reach an amazing 40 feet when trolling 200 feet behind the boat. Can you say "game changer"?

Hand Made in Poland

Salmo Lure GroupSalmo lures are special. They're not just another cheap lure spit out of a Chinese factory. Each lure is hand crafted in Poland. The quality and performance of each and every lure that goes into a package is second to none. Our realistic finishes are collection worthy. Read about the history and processes of Salmo...

Premium Titanium Leaders

Titanium Leaders
Your rig is only as strong as the weakest link. A special Super Bonding process preserves the strength of the titanium in this ultra-strong, flexible leader. Using a totally proprietary method of bonding the titanium wire and the finished crimps, a Super Bonded Titanium Leader will last an entire season and can be made using 7 strand titanium or single strand titanium with equally reliable results.

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